Paula Cowan - Resume Writer • Career Strategist

About Paula

Once upon a time I worked in Human Resources, believing it at the time to be a good fit for my psychology degree and my desire to help people. While I acquired a solid understanding of employment law, and the importance of documenting everything, I was the proverbial square peg in a round hole. A results driven person in an environment heavy on process. My first career change was inevitable.

I moved on to an eventful decade as a Behaviour Therapist for special needs children. I was immersed in situations where best laid plans were guaranteed to go awry. I often had to throw out procedure and write my own. As a result, I learned how to break down all manner of tasks and material into manageable chunks to suit the individual learner. I developed coaching style and delivery that I can adapt to the individual(s) and situations of varying levels of chaos.

In my current role, I have become the resource I needed 20 years ago when I was navigating my career upheaval along with my own mental health struggles. I help the 47% of employees who are really unhappy with their job and finally ready to do something about it with my customized programs to Career Shift / Jump Ship.